The music group known as Victory of Faith Singers lead the church congregation in praise and worship. The group is open to everyone young or old with willingness and enthusiasm to develop and grow in their spiritual lives as well as use their gifts to serve God and people. 


The media group is responsible for the sound and media equipment in the church. The group also participates in the production of the Faith of the winner TV broadcast and all the media related resources and materials use by the church. The group is open to all who is interested in using this avenue to propagate the gospel and grow in the things of God 


The outreach group is responsible for coordinating the reaching out to the people about the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The team is also responsible for follow up and visitation of people who attends our church. It is open to all who are willing to grow in the Lord by reaching out to others with the gospel and serving others.


The hospitality group ensures that things run smoothly during the church service and are responsible for catering to the hospitality needs of the church and its guests. The group is open to everyone who I interested using his or her gifts to serve the Lord and others in that capacity.