Our Pastors

Segun Idowu

Segun Idowu presents the word of God in a practical way that people can apply to their lives, dreams and goals in order to achieve success in life. He motivates people to consistently apply the word of God to their lives and not quit because of the integrity of the word of God. He also shares with people the biblical principles of faith and victory and believes that God has a wonderful plan for everyone. Segun is a bible teacher and speaker on biblical concepts of faith and success in life.

As a children author, he created Biblewalkers Series which depict the journey in the Bible of a brother and a sister modelled after his two children and their friends who encounter various adventures whilst they were transported to Bible times and a superhero, Captain Dominion, who fights the enemy with the whole Armor of God. Segun serves as the Senior Pastor of Victory of Faith Christian Centre in London England.

Anne-Mary Idowu

Anne-mary Idowu shares about the biblical principles of integrity of God’s word and the ability of God to fulfil His word in our lives. She is the founder of Lady Victorious which teaches women everywhere from stay-at-home moms to career and business executives, that God’s word can be relied upon to help them achieve the dreams God has put into their hearts and overcome life’s challenges and adversities.

Anne-mary and her husband, Segun pastors Victory of Faith Christian Centre in London England and they are parents to Temitayo and Tomiwa.